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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Man Bites Dog!

American Newspaper Tells Truth About U.S.S. Liberty!

by Kevin Barrett

Believe it or not, a mainstream U.S. paper, the Northfield News of Northfield, Minnesota, has published a truthful, hard-hitting op-ed about Israel's slaughter of unarmed American sailors aboard the U.S.S. Liberty: http://www.northfieldnews.com/news.php?viewStory=47136

The op-ed, by my friend and 9/11 truth colleague Andy Kornkven, is nothing less than brilliant...except for one sentence: "Can we trust the official narrative of events leading to the current conflict — especially the nature and origin of the alleged Hamas rocket attacks, which provide such a handy excuse for the deadly retaliation carried out by Israeli warplanes?" While Andy is right to doubt the official narrative -- the truth is that Israel, not Hamas, broke the ceasefire -- the suggestion that Israel and not Hamas is firing the rockets is misleading.

Here is my response to Andy:

Great article, Andy!

The only questionable point is the notion that Hamas's rockets are false-flag.

We need to be discerning about events deemed "terrorist" by the powers that be. A great many attacks are false-flag -- 9/11, 7/7, London, Bali, Madrid, Bombay, Achille Lauro, Entebbe, Locherbie, and of course the botched Lavon Affair and USS Liberty attacks are examples. The common thread in all these cases is that the fall guys had little to gain and much more to lose; while the actual authors of the attack had something to gain by blaming it on their enemies.

With the rocket attacks, it may look like the same dynamic is at play. And in a sense it is: The Israelis wanted to be attacked, and triggered the attacks, at the time of their choice, by starving Gaza and then brutally violating the ceasefire.

But Hamas, like the rest of the Palestinian armed struggle, is for real, and supported not only by the vast majority of Palestinians, but also by the vast majority of Arabs, Muslims, and anti-imperialists around the world, who are hailing its victory in Gaza as even more significant than Hezbullah's victory in Lebanon in 2006.

The Palestinian resistance has a good strategic reason to use tactics like rocket attacks and suicide bombings. In fact, they have no other choice. The Israelis refuse to make the minimal concessions that would be necessary for peace. (Those concessions are: Return to the 1967 borders, and right of return for Palestinian ethnic cleansing victims.) The Zionists insist that the Palestinians recognize Israel, when in fact not only the Palestinians, but virtually the world's entire Arab and Muslim population regard the Zionist regime as an illegitimate settler colonial occupation, not a legitimate country. (If it wants to be legitimate, Israel has to at least make those minimal concessions.)

Since the Camp David con job, the Zionists have continued systematically exterminating and expelling the Palestinian population.

Clearly, Israel will make no concessions unless it is forced to at gunpoint. Rocket attacks, bombings, and other military actions have the potential to force these concessions, and perhaps even to end Zionism. By creating a climate of insecurity in Israel, these attacks decrease Jewish immigration and increase emigration, adding to the Palestinians' trump card: their demographic edge.

Note that according to international law, occupied peoples have the right to use lethal violence against their occupiers; while every act of violence perpetrated by an occupying power is a war crime. Palestinian attacks against Israel are thus legal and just, and supported by billions of people around the world; while Israel's vastly bloodier and more numerous attacks against Palestinians are war crimes and universally deplored, except by those brainwashed by Zionist media outlets.

The Zionists want you to confuse senseless "terrorism" like 9/11 with genuine anti-occupation armed struggle, so that the latter can be tarred with the brush of the former. They are trying to convince Americans that the very real military threat Israel faces from Palestinians and their supporters is also a threat to America -- which it is not.


PS - Pape points out that suicide "terrorism" has a very strong strategic logic when practiced by occupied peoples against the forces of occupation, in the place of occupation. Here's a paragraph from my book in progress.:

Are anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists who happen to be Muslim more likely to commit suicide terrorism than non-Muslims of the same political orientation? According to the best research, the answer is no. Robert Pape is a University of Chicago professor who wrote Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism. Pape's exhaustive study of every suicide attack between 1980 and 2003 concludes: “The data show that there is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, or any one of the world’s religions."[4] Instead, people of any or no religion use suicide terrorism as a weapon of last resort when their lands are invaded and occupied.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Not Leaving the Country After All

(Obama Inspired "Hope" for "Change"? Nope -- It's My Wife)

by Kevin Barrett, http://www.truthjihad.com

A few days after I announced that I was leaving the country, my wife Skyped me from Morocco to tell me no, I would NOT be leaving the country.

"Your country needs you," she could have said. Or, "you can't leave now, at this decisive juncture." Or, "you must stay in the USA and keep up the struggle."

What she actually said was more like, "Morocco ain't it -- prices are up, temperatures are down, the Europeans are buying up property, and Wal-Mart type big box stores are everywhere. It's getting to be like the USA without central heating." She was shivering with a bad case of the flu in her sister's 45-degree house. She explained that due to rising property values and the fall of the dollar, there was no way we could establish the kind of "come to Morocco to learn about Islamic spirituality" nonprofit business we'd had in mind. She wanted to return to the USA ASAP. So much for a romantic life in exile.

"But Fatna," I protested, "I just announced I was leaving the Zionist-controlled USA! After you say something like that, you HAVE to leave! If I stay, I'll get blacklisted and won't be able to work here ever again!"

"You're already blacklisted," she pointed out.

"Yes, but I'm blacklisted for speaking the truth about 9/11," I explained. "That isn't nearly as serious."

"How's that?"

"It's one thing to charge the president, the vice-president, and top military and intelligence leaders with blowing up the World Trade Center with thousands of people inside in order to launch criminal wars of aggression. It's a whole nother thing to criticize Israel. And if you point out that Zionist Jews and to a lesser extent Christians really DO control our Mideast policy, through their extreme overrepresentation in the journalistic, financial and political sectors...well, at that point you've really crossed the line. Even the 9/11 truth movement isn't ready for that much truth."

She said that was all very interesting, but she and the kids had decided they wanted to return to the USA, not set up residence in Morocco, c'est tout.

After thinking it over, I told her I was okay with that. Moving to Morocco had always been more her project than mine -- for many years she'd been pushing for the move, with special insistence during the past six months. I had been kind of looking forward to moving, but now I could be kind of looking forward to not moving.

I had been hoping to perfect my Arabic while telling Moroccans what they already know: 9/11 was an inside job, the Palestinian cause is just, we need to shut down the empire and eliminate the interest-based money system and so on. Now I guess I'll have to go back to saying it in English to a country that mostly doesn't want to hear it.

Anyway, it's great to be back. It feels almost like I never left.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eyeless in Gaza

A Thousand Eyes for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind REALLY Fast

By Kevin Barrett, www.truthjihad.com

At least you can't accuse the Zionists, who have slaughtered more than 1000 people (half of them women and children) in retaliation for a smattering of ineffectual rocket attacks, of being Old Testament zealots.

The Torah, known to Christians as the Old Testament, prescribes "an eye for an eye." The Zionists have decided to go Yahwe one better. They want a thousand eyes for an eye.

The massacre began when the Zionists invaded Gaza and killed six Palestinian soldiers. In response, Hamas -- the legitimate, democratically-elected government of all of Palestine, not just Gaza -- fired off a few bottle rockets. It is questionable whether these rockets killed any Israelis at all, but for the sake of argument, we will assume that they did kill one Israeli. Seeking revenge for the bottle-rocket attacks, Israel has massacred over a thousand Palestinians, using horrific weapons like white phosphorous and depleted uranium, and deliberately targeting schools, hospitals, journalists, and even the main U.N. compound in Gaza.

If the Palestinians play by the Zionist rules, they will have the right to respond to Israel's butchery by killing one thousand times as many people as they lost. That means, according to Zionist logic, that the Palestinians have the right, if not the duty, to kill more than one million Israelis.

The problem with this kind of exponential escalation is obvious, even if you are not a math major.

Whence this "thousand-eyes-for-an-eye" ? In a word: racism. The Zionists are always pontificating about "Jewish lives," as if Jewish lives were somehow worth more than any other kind.

I was once told by a Jewish Studies professor that "the Jewish people" have replaced God as the object of veneration by most contemporary Jews. If that is true, than most of these people are not Jews at all, but cosmic narcissists and tribal fanatics. No wonder they think one "Jewish" life is worth a thousand non-Jewish lives.

The irony, I cannot emphasize enough, is that people who worship themselves, rather than God, are not Jewish at all. They would be much better off with a golden calf--at least that wouldn't be so insanely narcissistic.

The Jewish-owned New York Times (sometimes lampooned as the Jew York Times --- "all the Jews think fit to print") fortunately does not agree that Jewish lives are a thousand times more valuable than non-Jewish lives. For the Times, the ratio is only one hundred fifty-four to one. That's right: A year-long study found that the Times devoted more than 154 times as much space to each Israeli child's death as to each Palestinian child's death.(1)

Since most of the rest of the U.S. mainstream media is also owned and/or operated by pro-Zionist Jews, and since its coverage of the struggle in Occupied Palestine is at least as biased, it would be safe to assume that the Times is hardly alone in its high evaluation of Jewish life, and low evaluation of non-Jewish life.

To be fair, it must be admitted that this is not just a Jewish problem, but a Western problem. Europeans and Americans have long deemed their own lives to be extremely valuable, and the lives of non-Western peoples to be worth very little. The tens of millions of Africans butchered in the slave trade, the even more tens of millions of Native Americans slaughtered in the genocidal conquest of the continent, and the tens if not hundreds of millions of non-European people exterminated during the past two centuries of European imperial-colonial expansion, all testify to the worthlessness of non-Western life in Western eyes. (Ironically, Jews themselves were victimized precisely because they were mistakenly considered non-European "semites.") (2)

But during the past half-century, things were supposed to have changed. One by one, the former European colonies in Africa and Asia won their independence from their genocidal occupiers. Why? Because in the wake of the horrors of World War II, a new, universal standard of human rights emerged. All lives were now supposed to be of equal value, without regard to skin pigmentation or ethnicity or religion.

The USA, while giving lip service to human equality, continued to loot and massacre millions of darker-skinned people in dozens of countries around the world in the name of anti-Communism. After the Cold War removed that pretext, it went to war against Iraq, and Muslims in general, on behalf of Israel, killing more than two million people since 1990. (3)

This war is a desperate attempt to prop up a doomed regime. After the fall of the white regimes in Algeria, Kenya, Rhodesia, Angola, Mozambique, and South Africa, the only remaining European settler colony is in Zionist-occupied Palestine. There is no reason to think it is any more sustainable than the others.

Occupied Palestine is where Euro-American racism has combined with "Jewish" racism to create a toxic brew that threatens the future of the planet.

The fall of the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine will mark the end of a centuries-long period of racist Euro-American domination of planet earth, and the beginning of a new era of justice and equality between peoples. That is why the struggle for Palestine is not just a Palestinian struggle, nor an Arab struggle, nor a Muslim struggle, nor a struggle of just the formerly colonized peoples. It is a struggle for human justice, equality and dignity, a struggle by and for all of humanity.

* * *

(1) "For example, we found that in 2004, at a time when 8 Israeli children and 176 Palestinian children were killed – a ratio of 1 to 22 – Times headlines and lead paragraphs reported on Israeli children’s deaths at a rate almost seven times greater than Palestinian children’s deaths." -Alison Weir, "New York Times Minimizes Palestinian Deaths: The Perversions of Daniel Okrent."
Do the math. Had its coverage been balanced, the Times would have reported on Palestinian children's deaths 22 times as much as on Israeli children's deaths. Instead, the ratio was seven to one in favor of the Israeli deaths. Seven times twenty-two is 154.

(2) The best introductions to the Euro-genocide are Sven Lindqvist, "Exterminate All the Brutes" (London: Granta, 1996) and Alfred W. Crosby, Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900 (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1986).

(3) William Blum ably exposes what he calls "the American holocaust" in Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dead Babies

& the Death of the American Dream

By Kevin Barrett, http://www.truthjihad.com (this essay first published at newamericandream.net)

"Dead babies can take care of themselves. Dead babies can't take things off the shelves." -- Alice Cooper, "Dead Babies"

For two weeks now I have been spending a lot of time watching dead babies on television.

Dead children, too. And dead women. And dead old men. And dead young men.

And bleeding, maimed, mutilated, screaming people of all ages and both sexes.

Disfigured women lying in pools of blood. Children with part of their faces missing. Crowds of horrified people gathered around, trying to help.

Naturally this has made me angry, and sad. Sometimes I have to turn off the television to pray and meditate to regain my emotional equilibrium.

Horrific as the images have been, none of them really got to me until this morning, when I turned on the TV and saw a very cute, very dead girl-baby lying arms akimbo on the street like a discarded doll, a puddle of blood at her feet about the size of a manhole cover. Her too-perfect features were frozen in what could have been bliss, or terror. I finally broke down and cried. Big shuddering sobs.

You're not allowed to see what I've been watching. The zionist-controlled U.S. corporate media won't let you. Lucky you.

I've been following the carnage in Gaza on Al-Alam, the Iranian Arabic-language satellite channel. (Yes, I speak Arabic; I used to teach it at the University of Wisconsin before I was blacklisted for telling the truth about 9/11.)

What's going on in Gaza now -- what's been going on in Palestine for 60 years -- is genocide. European settlers there have been using mass murder to ethnic-cleanse the indigenous population. Genocide. End of story.

Yes, I know about that bullshit you've been reading in the Zionist-controlled corporate and "alternative" media. The genocide perpetrators are supposedly "defending themselves." Yeah, right. Just like the Nazis had to defend themselves against the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

What's going on is a war of extermination against the Palestinian population. The Palestinians, who do not wish to be exterminated, are fighting back with every weapon at their disposal. Like rocks. And bottle-rockets. Not much to throw against the latest U.S. taxpayer-supplied Zionist tanks and bombers and helicopter gunships and white phosphorus.

But sometimes courage and morality can triumph over sheer military power. As of this writing, after years of starving the Gazans with a genocidal blockade, followed by two weeks of murderous bombing, the Zionist cowards are still unable to enter Gaza on the ground. They've tried several times, and every time, Hamas fighters have sent them scurrying back to the safety. To put it bluntly, David is kicking Goliath's ass. Just like in Lebanon.

So the Zionists, too cowardly to actually fight, content themselves with raining bombs down on the heads of women and children and old folks. So those of us with access to uncensored media get to see lots of dead babies.

Don't tell me "oh, they didn't really want to kill all those babies, that was just collateral damage." It isn't polite to say this, because for centuries adherents of the Jewish religion have been slandered as baby killers, but the truth of the matter is, THE ZIONISTS INTENTIONALLY SLAUGHTER PALESTINIAN CHILDREN AS A MATTER OF OFFICIAL POLICY.

Don't believe me? Chris Hedges, one of our nation’s most respected journalists, wrote in Harper’s magazine (October 2001) that he had been in several war zones, but he had never seen soldiers luring children within range of their guns, then gut-shooting them for sport, until he saw Israeli soldiers doing it in the Occupied Territories. Unfortunately what Hedges witnessed was not anomalous, but part of a larger Israeli policy of targeting children. An article in the British Medical Journal (10/16/04) concluded: “Two thirds of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire, directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest—the sniper's wound. Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat.”

Why are the taxpayers of the United States of America handing the Zionist cowards billions of dollars worth of weapons for killing children? Why is the U.S. taxpayer paying for the Palestinian genocide?

Israel is not even a U.S. ally! According to former C.I.A. official Ray McGovern, the U.S. has asked Israel to sign a formal treaty of alliance, but Israel refuses, because it would have to define its borders. Since it is conducting an ever-expanding genocide, in order to steal more and more land, Israel does not want to say where its borders are. So it refuses to be a U.S. ally.

According to reliable estimates, our non-ally Israel has cost the American people more than a trillion dollars, including more than $100 billion in direct aid. And that's not even counting the war in Iraq, which is a disguised war for Israel. Throw in Iraq, and the Zionists have stolen maybe five trillion dollars from our economy.

What do we get in return? The undying hatred of most of the world's population, including virtually everybody in virtually every country that supplies our oil. Murderous false-flag attacks, from the Lavon Affair to the U.S.S. Liberty massacre to 9/11. A corporate media whose lies about Palestine expand and expand until pretty soon they're lying about everything, all the time, 24/7.

And yet U.S. leaders are almost unanimous in cheering for the Zionist genocide. Why?

To hell with political correctness. I'll give you the straight answer -- the answer that I've heard from virtually every intellectual I've spoken to during my years living outside the USA in places like France, Morocco, and Central America, where free speech still exists: "Because Zionist Jews, and to a lesser extent their Zionist Christian accomplices, control the U.S. media, the Anglo-American financial sector, and almost all American politicians."

The American dream is dead. The United States of America, like Palestine, is now Israeli-occupied territory. As James Petras told me on my radio show, the U.S.A. needs a national liberation movement to free itself from its Zionist occupiers.

When the chickens come home to roost, and the U.S. economy and the empire it pays for finally crashes for good -- bled dry by its Zionist-instigated, Zionist-controlled war on Islam -- maybe that national liberation movement will finally arise.

But I'm not sticking around to find out. I've had enough of living under Israeli occupation. I will be leaving the former United States of America in the near future, and as long as it remains occupied by the Zionist child-killers, I won't be coming back.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Next Stop Jerusalem

The Caliphate is Coming to al-Quds

By Dr. Kevin Barrett, www.truthjihad.com

The ongoing U.S.-backed Zionist butchery in Palestine is generating a backlash that will lead to the restoration of the caliphate -- that supra-national Muslim government that has existed, in one form or another, for most of the past 1,300 years. After passing through Medina, Mecca, Damascus, Baghdad, and Istanbul, the next stop for the caliphate will be the Holy City, al-Quds...the city known to English speakers as Jerusalem.

This idea is not as radical as it sounds. Jerusalem has been administered by Muslims since about 640 C.E. More than 1300 years of relatively peaceful and tolerant Muslim rule over the holy places of Palestine has been punctuated by only a couple of brief, bloody interludes.(1) One was the medieval crusades, when fanatical Christians butchered their way to the holy land, then butchered its inhabitants, until they were driven out by Saladin, whose nobility, generosity and mercy became legendary, even among the defeated crusaders themselves.(2) The other bloody interlude, of course, is the current Zionist regime -- the last remaining European settler colony of the industrial age.(3)

So why will the caliphate return? And why Jerusalem?

The caliphate is coming because it is an essential element of the religion of Islam. Muslims all over the world regard themselves, and have always regarded themselves, as one nation -- one umma. The word caliph means "successor," and it is well-established in Islamic doctrine that since the death of the Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, the Muslim community is one umma that ought to be ruled, however lightly, by a rightful successor.

The idea that only Islamic "extremists" and "radicals" and "terrorists" want to restore the caliphate is a staple of Islamophobic propaganda, and a big lie. Every knowledgeable Muslim would like to see the caliphate restored. The only debate is on the details.

Those who have a vested interest in opposing the restoration of the caliphate cannot hold out forever against the desire of 1.5 billion Muslims. The anglo-zionist usurers of the New World Order, who hope to create a satanic/atheist world government in Jerusalem, are beginning to recognize that their empire is on the brink of collapse. Their power to play divide-and-conquer against the world's Muslims and other colonized peoples is collapsing along with their empire. And the rise of the internet, which offers alternatives to the anglo-zionist media monopoly, is undermining their power to deceive.

Jerusalem is the logical place for the renewal of the caliphate. Virtually every Muslim on earth supports the liberation of Palestine, making this the one and only issue that unites the umma politically. The Palestine issue has the power to rouse the Muslim people against their rulers, forcing those rulers to get out of the way of the coming caliphate.

Is this vision "radical" or "extremist"? Hardly. It is Zionism, the ultimate form of genocidal European colonialism, that is extremist. The "radical extremists" are those using massive ongoing terrorism in their doomed attempt to establish a pseudo-Jewish state in Palestine, one of the three Islamic holy places, despite the fact that Palestine has been administered by Muslims for over 1,300 years.

Imagine, if you will, how Catholics would feel if a small sect of powerful Muslims (or pseudo-Muslims) had invaded and ethnically cleansed Italy and planted their flag atop the Vatican. Then imagine that atrocities against the remnant Italian population went on and on, broadcast daily, in excruciating detail, to the entire Catholic world. Imagine that these Muslim invaders of Rome defied dozens of U.N. resolutions calling for them to allow Catholic refugees to return, and for the invaders to withdraw from the Vatican and from at least part of the other territories they had stolen through mass murder and terrorism.

Under such circumstances, Catholics everywhere would be united in their outrage and their determination to undo the injustice that had been inflicted on them.

Likewise, Muslims are growing more and more united in their determination to free Palestine from its Zionist tormentors. And Islamic religious identity is increasingly becoming a key factor in the anti-Zionist movement. While in the past it was Arab nationalism, today it is Islam that motivates the cutting edge of the Palestine liberation project. Hezbullah and Hamas, the two groups that have scored the most notable successes during the past few years, base their struggle on Islamic identity, not mere nationalism. And both groups have widespread support throughout the Islamic world. This support cuts across the fault-lines that too often divide the umma. Sunnis and shiites, salafis and sufis, Muslims of every gender, ethnicity, socio-economic level--all are cheering for Hezbullah and Hamas. Some sunnis may be uncomfortable with Hezbullah's shiite identity, and most Muslims (including Osama Bin Laden, who had nothing to do with 9/11) believe that suicide bombing and the intentional killing of civilians is un-Islamic.(4) Yet the Zionist desecration of Palestine is so extreme, so intolerable, that Muslims everywhere are rallying to support the Palestinian resistance.

Just as the Muslim umma turns as one toward Mecca to pray, today it turns toward al-Quds--Jerusalem--in its political aspirations and its quest for justice. When Palestine is liberated under Islamic auspices, and justice is re-established in the holy land, Muslims will be united as they have not been for more than a millennium. The tangible expression of that restored unity, inshalallah, will be a renewed caliphate wa-assimat-ha al-Quds.(5)


(1) "But this (Crusader) idealism had a dark underside; it soon became apparent that the victory of Christ would mean the death and destruction of others. In the spring of 1096 a band of German Crusaders massacred the Jewish communities of Speyer, Worms, and Mainz along the Rhine...(When they got to Jerusalem) for three days the Crusaders systematically slaughtered about thirty thousand of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 'They killed all the Saracens and the Turks they found,' said the author of the Gesta Francorum approvingly, "they killed everyone, whether male or female.' Ten thousand Muslims who had sought sanctuary on the roof of the Aqsa were brutally massacred, and Jews were rounded up into their synagogue and put to the sword. There were scarcely any survivors....the streets literally ran with blood. 'Piles of heads, hands and feet were to be seen,' says the Provencal eyewitness Raymond of Aguiles...when Fulcher of Chartres arrived in Jerusalem to celebrate Christmas that year (five months after the massacre) he was horrified: 'Oh, what a stench there was around the walls of the city, both within and without, from the rotting bodies of the Saracens slain by ourselves at the time of the capture of the city, lying wherever they had been hunted down. " Karen Armstrong, Jerusalem (NY: Knopf, 2006) 272-274.
(2) P.H. Newby, Saladin in His Time (London: Faber & Faber, 1983).
(3) Yes, my Moroccan friends, I know that Sebta and Melillia are still occupied by Spain. But I'm talking about such MAJOR European settler colonies as French Algeria, British Kenya, British Rhodesia, British-Afrikaaner South Africa, and Zionist Palestine. Sven Lindqvist, "Exterminate All the Brutes" (London: Granta, 1996). Alfred W. Crosby, Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900 (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1986).
(4) The FBI explicitly and officially states that Bin Laden is "not wanted for 9/11" because there is "no hard evidence" against him. www.teamliberty.net/id267.html Bin Laden's repeated denials of involvement in 9/11, and his statement that the attacks were un-Islamic and carried out by American Jews, were widely reported in the U.S. and world media, then consigned to the memory hole. They are archived at: http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a091601noinvolvement
(5) "And its capital (will be) Jerusalem." This formula has been used by those supporting a Palestinian state.